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Cities: Skylines - Trafic simulator 2015


about time!


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    USE the damn buses!
  • 2015-03-19_00002

    Feels right at home
  • seems legit
  • 2015-03-22_00001

    This is the city I was working on before the net crashed. It includes the most useless highway in the world running through it. Also comes in fugly grid format that will be fixt later
  • my latest city.
    44k as of the image
  • some simple junction ideas
    using a 6 lane one way as an exit from a roundabout will make the left/right lane exit only. This also works with Highways.
    try and making the exit ramp off a highway a one way 2 or 6 lane or highway, will make the left/right lane exit only. This will force other users to try and get out of that lane as fast as possible.
    instead of a 3 way t-junction with 4/6 lane roads, make a y instead. This will be more efficient as each direction will get its own light sequence, there is no opposing turning traffic when it is that directions turn
    Try to split your traffic before you merge new traffic.
  • 2015-03-23_00001

    Another effective method of dealing with traffic is elevated footpaths though the city. Having them cross near bus stops and train stations also really helps.


    Look at all the people it's forcing to walk rather than take cars.
  • Yeah, my next city is going to use elevated paths more, I might even standardise the placement of it in my zones
  • really needs more control with cargo trains. ive major bottlenecks that i cant get close to solving as i cant make one way tracks
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    ahh! its godzilla! RUNNN!!!

  • Now imagine if all those people drove :u

    Not sure if you do this already, but it's good to set up separate, independent rail lines for each type. One line is the international line which drops off cargo/passengers into transfer stations. The other two are domestic passenger & cargo lines which both do their thing separately. See pic for example. It's not like OTTD where you can just have a main line handle all the traffic. Also the more stations there are, the more trains there will be.

  • i've had to separate domestic and international cargo due to sheer volume. I only run passengers on metro to local bus lines, less than 10 stops a piece. The airport/external passenger lines are not worth the investment.
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    Update on city. Grid is being removed somewhat in the CBD. Easier to grid it out then transform it naturally as traffic flows later on.
  • image

    Also metro is working a charm
  • my new metro system

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    Beautiful auxiliary lane
  • does it work with heavy inflows/outflows?
  • The idea is that the traffic is distributed enough that there shouldn't be any large concentrations in individual areas
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