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Scripting Languages and Programs

edited April 2015 in General
While looking at the scripts I have been writing I noticed most of them need extra programs to run. Here is a quick rundown of what i use on my windows machine. This is not all of them. Just the ones that need installs.

If you are keen enough you can setup multi boxing for mmos.

same as above but is on blizzards warden due to how it was used for botting.

Full featured interpreted programing language, quick to write and test. Can also handle website backend.

Full featured interpreted programing language, mostly web based but can do other things.
Simple windows installer with everything you need for local testing xamp

If you really want to play around with website code, it would be best to install a virtual machine with a linux image and test that way. Sure it is more work but things like correct permissions and users starts to send home when you have no choice but to set it all up. Running as root is just not wise.
The best thing about a VM, if you screw it up, reinstall!
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